Take a Look at the Splendid Parisian Gourmet Food Places

Take a Look at the Splendid Parisian Gourmet Food Places

When we talk about the glorious gourmet food of the Parisian region, there are many things that come to our mind. In this content, let us take a look at the Parisian gourmet food places that are glorious for many reasons. Take a look at them below.

Lafayette Gourmet – Tastes and Colors Riot

In Paris, the Galeries Lafayette is one among the most distinguished and popular shopping landmarks. There are high fashion displays and also grand old world architecture comprising of a very fine dome of stained glass. These make shopping in this region a remarkable experience to many people. In fact, it has to be admitted that many people spend a lot of time loitering around the Gourmet food court that is breathtaking.

The top floor of the Galeries has the food court, and it has a veritable riot of different tastes and colors. You will find almost everything to tantalize the gourmet. You can try at a bakery that has a dizzying array of specialty breads as well as pastries,  a cheese counter that has over a hundred varieties of cheese that belongs to France and other countries, a deli with the very best specialty foods, meats and seafoods, and also fruits and vegetables from different places across the world.

Apart from these, there is a large part that is dedicated to spice that is imaginable. There are candy and luxury chocolate displays that are really worth a prolonged visit. In fact, many people buy chocolates from Paris as many brands that are not found in the United States are available here at a cheaper price. Lafayette Gourmet also has a wine library that houses 1,800 of the world’s finest wines. These are presented with the loving attention that satisfies the demanding wine connoisseurs.

Boulangépicier or BE – Tasty and Classy

BE is owned by the most famed and respected Paris chef Alain Ducasse and baker Eric Keyser. The name of the place and the concept is a result of the combination of boulanger (baker) and epicier (grocer). The culinary creations over there are inspired by the traditional and simple French recipes. It is housed in a typical Parisian building that is smart. This building is close to the Parc Monceau, and not too far from the Arc de Triomphe. This makes it the perfect spot to take away food near one of the loveliest green expanses of Paris. The range of fine products that are one sale and the tempting choice of homemade soups, sandwiches, fresh salads and desserts and pastries make it a great place to eat. Keyser’s renowned breads are displayed carefully, and these are made using various combinations of superior quality ingredients that are tasty, fresh, moist and crusty.

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