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Cheese is the Glorious Gourmet Food in Paris


If you know one thing that the French do well, then it is food. Food is something more than art for most French people, especially a quasi religion in the country. The gastronomic glories of France include many items, but you need to sample cheese that is available aplenty in the country. Apart from wine, the French are highly obsessed with the Cheese. The passion of the French people for cheese and the abundance of the same in France are supreme. There are almost 246 cheese types that exist in the country. The French give it as much importance as they do for wine.

The AOC Laws (appellation, d’origine controlee that is the name of the controlled origin) protect French cheese. The laws enforce production of limited quantities of cheese types to prevent the mass production of running the subtle modifications in the French regional cheeses. You can find the cheese crème de la crème in Androuet. At a cheese shop in Androuet, you can see most tantalizing cheese displays greeting you. You need to see the varieties to believe the same. The cheeses are different than the way in which they seem to be kept in the supermarkets, but this is a real enchilada.

Right from the time Androunet was founded in 1909, by the owner’s grandfather, people were practicing the skill of the cheese maturing master (maitre fromager affineur). This name is well known worldwide. To the great benefit of the cheese ships in Paris, the house of Androunet comprises of five fine cheese ships in the city and plans to start another one in the new Roissy airport. They also have a branch in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. The cheese hail of Androunet has over 200 different locations, and these are exclusively made using raw milk.

Moreover, each cow is cured, matured and unique under the supervision of the master cheese ripening (maitres affineur), and prepared or aged in curing cellars. You will see the Androunet’s shops in all the tourist guides of Paris, and these shops have global clientele from the United Stated to Japan. As cheese is best accompanies with wine and bread, Androunet specializes in the same at its best. There is a wide range of wines, and there are two Parisian bakeries that supply some really decent bread that is nice with your choice of cheese. The shop also offers air-tight packages that are vacuum sealed to carry them back home.

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