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Eat Well in Paris at Le Gourmet

eat well

In Paris, there are many interesting stops to relish and experience the culinary adventures. Le Gourmet restaurant is one such great French restaurant that provides the fine French cuisine at the best price. Paris is one of the very few cities in which even the locals hardly carry their food from home when they go to work. There are small restaurants that do a great service that can satisfy the locals without charging them too much. The same concept applies to the travelers as well. You can step into the busy crossroads of the city to get a taste of the typical French gourmet. Of course, Le Gourmet is the one of the best places to enjoy this experience.    

Le Gourmet is located around Place de Clichy, and it is worth the money that you spend on food. You will not find their cuisine downright vulgar or overpriced, and you will definitely feel satisfactory after your meal. The fascia of the restaurant is of a French bistro style, and there is a crowd all the time. In case, you walk into the Le Gourmet at a busy time such as noon, you certainly have to wait a bit as this place is usually packed. The place emanates the old charm with its old posters, dark wood panels, menu slates with chalk hanging on the walls, a mosaic floor, a traditional bar, tables and chairs of the bistro style.

The restaurant was owned by an elderly couple who were long time owners of it, and they retired a few years back after having it steered the ship well for long. Then, the current owner and chef acquired the restaurant. As the new owner liked the décor of Le Gourmet, the same is preserved except for the change in the façade. The Parisian setting will make the patrons feel welcomed as soon as they enter into it. The waitresses will not cause any unnecessary delay as they know that the patrons are in a great hurry. The menu is very different with slates that are marked with chalks and these hang on the walls.

The most remarkable achievement for a small restaurant is that the menu is changed every day. In case, you are to eat in this restaurant for 20 consecutive days, you will relish 20 different courses. At Le Gourmet, you can try prime cuts of veal, veal knuckle, roasted gilthead bream, pike dumpling, stewed duck, and so on. The highlights are that they use butter and not margarine, and they do not buy frozen products or off-the-shelf sauces. All the sauces are prepared by the chef himself.

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