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French Gourmet: Try Desserts Here in Paris

French Gourmet Try Desserts Here in Paris

The French focus a lot on food as it is an art for them. Desserts play a major role in the French cuisine. There is an outstanding range of sorbets and ice creams on the St. Louis Island by Berthillon as it sets the standard for these desserts. It can be said that it is not only popular in France but all over the world. The typical Parisian ice cream parlor of Berthillon is located in the middle of the Ile St. Louis Island on the Seine River that is a major tourist attraction. This is a charming miniature of Paris that has picturesque restaurants and hotels. Its inhabitants fancied the specificity in the early 20th century and seceded away from the country to be called the Republic of the St Louis Island.

You would have noticed most of the tea parlors, food stores, and restaurants located on the St. Louis Island publicize that they have Berthillon ice cream. There is only one Berthillon tea parlor, and it is owned and run by the Chauvin family who is the descendants of Monsieur Berthillon. The first parlor was opened in 1954, and it is smart with wood panels inside and out that give an elegant look. The parlor sells ice creams in bulk and by scoops, but the other retailers in the city sell their ice creams in cups and cones. There are very few grocers who sell in large quantities.

The fame of Berthillon is due to the use of natural ingredients. The sweets that they sell do not contain any chemical preservatives, stabilizers or sweeteners. Their ice creams are made of milk, eggs, cream and natural flavorings such as cocoa, fruit, vanilla, etc. You can get prepared to relish more tantalizing flavors to revitalize your taste buds. There are sorbets of different flavors such as green apple, pear, prune Armagnac, wild strawberry, honey nougat, coffee, etc.

You will find the service very friendly, and you will definitely appreciate the way the French vendors ask when you plan to have their produce. They can also make selections for you accordingly. Remember that the French do not scoff, they just savor with relish. If you are expecting large portions as you get in other parts of the world, you will be disillusioned. Also, these will not be bad as long as your waistline is concerned. The excellence of Berthillon is no big secret. There is a long line of keen customers whenever you go, and it is worse during the summer months.

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