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What Are The Different Types Of Truffles And Why Are They Expensive?

Truffles And Why Are They Expensive

Mushrooms are listed among the top most rich foods in the world. It can cost up to $150,000 per pound. There are food buffs that love to taste the rarest of mushrooms. Truffles are rare and are considered to be pricey. Truffles can be called mushrooms. These are underground and do not have a prominent stem. Truffles look similar to baby potatoes. The rarity of occurrence has made it the most expensive food form in the world. These are not cultivable in all places, and it requires special climatic conditions to grow these Marvel delicacies. It is found in European countries like Italy, France, Croatia and Slovenia.

There are some rare Truffles found in the US in places like Oregon and Washington. In the Asian continent, it is found in the Middle East and China. You can find some in North Africa as well. The popularity of Truffle is due to gourmet dishes that use them as the main ingredient. The Oregon White Truffle grows between February and June and is found between British Columbia and Northern California. The Oregon Brown Truffle looks reddish brown in the outer and gray in the interiors. It is has a unique flavor and aroma. The Oregon Black Truffle that is similar to Oregon White Truffle. They are dark in color and hence the name. It is pungent and gives away earthly flavor once ripe. It can be mixed with pineapple, chocolate, and almonds to give a great flavor.

The French black truffle ranges between $1000 and $3000 a pound. These are found in US, Australia, and Spain. It is bluish black in color and has a refreshing flavor. The Italian White Truffle has a peppery taste and is served raw. The Summer Truffle is the specialty of France, Spain, and Italy. It has a lightly scented aroma.

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