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French Gourmet Food Can Be Divided Into Regions

French Gourmet Food

The French cuisine is famous worldwide for its unique taste and quality. Though, there are duplicate versions of French cuisine across the globe nothing could match the authentic gourmet food of France. The country can be divided into different regions, and each place has a taste to cater. France is divided into different departments, and each offers distinct flavors of the region regarding wine, chocolates and more. If you are looking for some divine wines, then it is best to reach the Champagne region that is famous for its world-renowned grapes adding flavor to the wine.

Lorraine is famous for its fruits and quiche. It is a pastry made of cream and eggs. Paris, on the other hand, is famous for exclusive French gourmet cuisine. It is a place of diverse cultures, and it leads to some of the unique flavors of France. Home to more than 5,000 world’s famed restaurants it is a delight to be in for food lovers. Moving up North, check out Brittany and Normandy that offers fresh sea delights. Lobster, mussels, and crayfish are some of the delicacies to check out. For more move to New Orleans and Louisiana, here you can find more gourmet food, especially Creole cooking. Scallops and sole are the best fishes that are found in this region.

Wine and French cannot be parted; Bordeaux and Burgundy are the regions to be in if you want to taste some fine wine. This is exclusive of France. Burgundy also boasts of Dijon mustard and black currant that is a popular ingredient for gourmet chefs. Also, find poultry, snails, crabs, honey cake, and pike. If you want to find best French gourmet delights in the US check out the local gourmet market. These are imported from France and are authentic.

Truffles And Their Significance

Truffles And Their Significance

There is no denying the fact that some of the most scintillating foods are food underground. Among them, Truffles are one of the rarest mushrooms that are found in limited regions of the world the reason for its uniqueness. Truffle can be turned into oil or used in meals or just steamed or eaten raw as it has a peppery flavor to it. The way Truffle is cooked is decided by the gourmet chef or the country of origin. These are very expensive as it is rare and difficult to find. There are varieties of truffles that grow across the world and so are the recipes that come with it.

Truffle has numerous uses, and it is the rarest gift from mother earth. Not much is known about how and where it is grown. Because not much is known about this mushroom and this has made it valuable. Truffle is found in solid and liquid (oil) form but the latter being more affordable. The oil has delectable flavor while cooking and there is no need for the use of Truffle while preparing the dish. Though, there are synthetic flavors available that can even dupe chefs. Truffle Vodka is available in the market and is very expensive. These are added with black Period Truffles along with alcoholic spirits and are used by cooks across the globe for making gourmet meals.

Truffle has a pungent smell and hence has to be used sparingly. White Truffles are found in Northern Italy while Black Truffles are employed in Perigord region of France and have a mild flavor. The former is a gourmet of Italy, and the latter is a delicacy in France. Black Summer Truffle is found across Europe and is called Scorzone in the US and is grown in the state of Oregon. These are expensive and are grown close to Pecan trees though not expensive as European Truffles.

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